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love spell

Need to return your ex back?

Are you struggling with heartbreak? Yearning for a lost love to return? Turn your sorrow into joy with our powerful spellcasting services. We understand that sometimes love is not as smooth sailing as we’d like it to be. That’s why Mama Asa offering a special Return an Ex-Lover spell that will allow you to potentially mend your broken relationship.

Get back the love that once brought you unparalleled happiness! Remember, this isn’t just any spell – it’s your chance at rekindling the lost flame. 

Use this opportunity to turn your heartache into a joyful reunion with mama Asa spells. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unsure whether you want to bring back your ex-lover and live together permanently, please refrain from ordering or casting a love spell, because once it is done you bear the full responsibility and consequences that might arise from casting it.

Follow your heart when deciding. Mama is reachable 24/7 via WhatsApp for help and advice. GOOD LUCK



How do I know if the spell has been cast?

Most of the spells Except the most complicated ones can be arranged and cast by us through LIVE VIDEO as per request by you.

The most complicated spells will however not be able to be Live streamed as the rules of our services might apply due to the complexity of the problem we are dealing with.

When the spell is cast, you will start noticing dizziness and some stomach cramps or unusual feelings inside your body and a headache is the most common scenario for the successful spell you will have to experience.

If these occur, don’t panic, just sit back and wait for the next day and Contact us.

What happens if the spell fails to work?

Well, this is a good question and it is very important to ask us this kind of question.

Unlike some spell casters who may guarantee you a 100% success rate, we at the are aware of some challenges whereby you cast a spell for someone and sometimes fails, it may fail not because our spells are weak but it is because the TARGET IS STILL WALKING.


Our spells are strong enough to give you the desired results, and on top of that, we work hand in hand with anyone to minimize the chances of failure.

Should our spells fail to affect your cause, we are always available to refix it without any extra effort from you.

We really guarantee our spells because they have proved to be the most reliable to most people who have visited and contacted us. You can also come to us directly at our temples.

How Long Do The Spell Take To Work?

Assuming you ordered a love spell to be performed by MAMA on your behalf, the spell will either work within 48hr after a night’s sleep to several days.

Do You Perform Free Love Spells?

Unfortunately, we do not perform free love spells. However, we provided some articles on how to perform these spells for yourself while in the comfort of your home.

What should I not do when the spell is being cast?

(1) If the spell is about bringing back your ex-lover, you will avoid texting him and shouting at him/ her or arguing with one another over the phone.

(2) You will not have to drink any single glass of alcohol if you take a few alcohols whether it is wine or any type. Avoid it at all costs.

(3) If you are working, try to leave work as soon as possible or don’t go to work on that day. Try to skip that day, Contact us for more advice if you booked our spell casting.

(4) No taking of Milk on that day when the spell is going to be cast. And if you are a lady make sure you are not in a monthly period (women’s menstrual cycle).

Who are these spells for? Is only cast within your country alone?

These spells are for everyone with a problem and it is for both short and long-distance or WORLDWIDE. our spells are not cast for specific countries. We can cast any spell for anyone regardless of origin or country of residence.

How Long Does It Take To Perform a Love spell?

It depends on the complexity of the issue that we are dealing with. Some might take from 1hr to several hours.

Can a love spell backfire?

Yes, a love spell can backfire against you if the caster is not experienced. She/he or You may end up dosing yourself and start feeling a lot of increased love instead of the target. So choose the caster wisely.

Does Love Spells Really Work?

Love spells do work perfectly if you can get an experienced spell caster. Never underestimate the power of the universe. When you dream of a snake in your house at night what comes to your brain?

Are you only casting love spells?

No, we cast also other types of spells from white magic to black magic, protection spells, money spells, and many more.

Can you break up a love spell that was put on me?

A love spell can be broken but there are some complicated procedures that you have to go through otherwise it may not be. Always consult a professional spell caster.


Mama was so amazing to work with! I placed my order and she got back to me later that evening, and had the spell done while I was asleep! I’ve had some bad experiences with other spell casters before, but she truly cares so much about you and your situation.

I felt so comfortable working with her and actually felt like my situation mattered. She really listens to you. And most importantly her spells gave me what I have looking for with other casters without success
Chris. USA
5 stjärnor - Jag ville tacka dig för att du tog dig tid att skapa något unikt mitt att arbeta på för att uppnå mitt slutmål! Detaljerna i vägbeskrivningarna finns där, jag tror starkt på att när en person delar sina krafter och låter klienten också lägga ner sin energi, kan resultaten bli fenomenala. Jag har aldrig haft positivitet till detta arbete. Tack för all din hjälp, från djupet av mitt hjärta tack snälla för denna välsignelse! Kahea
L. Kahea, Sweden
This is a Must GET this is my first time using a spell that actually worked for me within 2 days! I started seeing signs when he began to treat me a lot better than he used to. Then today he asked me to be his girlfriend.
I was in shock because I didn’t think it would be so soon! People may not experience this spell so soon but this does absolutely work. I know it’ll be even better in the future and I can't wait to see what more the future has for us❣️.
Jane D
She’s very informative. If I could I will give her 10 stars! I can feel some shift after she instructed me to do rituals too. I think she’s one of the best casters. I definitely recommend her! I can’t wait to see the full results 💕💍
Je ne savais pas que j'aurais un lanceur de sorts comme les propriétaires de ce site Web. Ils ont tout fait parfaitement même si dès le début j'étais dubitatif. Je les recommande vivement. Je n'arrête pas de penser à la façon dont elle a réussi à me faire approuver par la famille de mon ex après la séparation à cause de nos croyances religieuses différentes.
It was that awful night when I came back home late at night only to find out that my boyfriend has dumped me and gone back to Singapore his home country. But luckily I was able to find mama and when I explained she offered to help me. So everything is ok now for me. Appreciated.
"Ik was aanvankelijk sceptisch over het gebruik van, maar ik was aangenaam verrast door de resultaten. Hun spreuken waren effectief en ik kon niet gelukkiger zijn met het resultaat. Ik raad ze ten zeerste aan aan iedereen die op zoek is naar een beetje extra hulp bij hun hou van het leven."
Avril, Nederland
"I had been struggling with finding love for years, but after working with Mama Asa, I finally found the person of my dreams. I am incredibly grateful for their help and would recommend them to anyone looking for love."
Andy, Colorado
"I was a bit worried about trying a spell-casting service, but MAMA was professional and respectful throughout the entire process. I was amazed by the results and would definitely use them again in the future."
black woman, african, portrait-5505581.jpg
Bianca, NYC


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