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Spell to get an ex back

If you’ve recently split up with your girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, or partner, you definitely want them back in your life, but they may not feel the same.

Even if you broke up with them weeks, months, or years ago, this charm may still work to bring them back.
This spell will assist you in creating a powerful energy that drives them to return to you while also rekindling their lost feelings of lust, passion, and love for you.

It will open their eyes to a new you, and they will forget all of your past troubles and the reasons they left, falling in love with you all over again from the beginning.

Begin the restoration process today.

Get a Love Spell Cast For You

If you want your ex back, there is no better moment than “right now” to get started. Get Ex-Back Spell – Make your ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or partner fall back in love with you weeks, months, or even years after your breakup.

Bring Back Lost Love Spell – Reunite with a childhood sweetheart, partner, or lover from a long time ago who you may have lost contact with. 


Do not order lover spell from me if you don't love him/her

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unclear whether you want to bring back your ex-lover and live together permanently, do not order or cast a love binding spell, because once performed, you face full responsibility for the outcomes, just get them back with my normal spells without resorting to using binding spells first.

When making a decision, go with your emotions. Mama can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week via WhatsApp and EMAIL. GOOD LUCK!

Get your ex back spell

Spell get ex back

Do you yearn to rekindle lost love? A spell to get your ex back could be the key. These rituals tap into the energy of the universe, influencing emotions and fostering a connection. By ordering my personalized love spell, the spell aims to heal rifts and attract your ex-partner back into your life.

love binding spell

Love binding spell

Are you seeking a love binding spell to deepen your connection? This powerful ritual intertwines energies, creating an unbreakable bond between you and your partner. By focusing on shared intentions, trust, and a mutual desire for a lasting connection, the spell aims to strengthen the emotional ties that bind you together.

obsession spell

Obsession love spell

Have you tried to date that special someone who doesn’t feel the same way toward you? Consider using an obsession love spell. An obsession love spell is a type of magic spell that aims to intensify someone’s feelings and thoughts towards the caster, fostering a sense of intense desire or preoccupation. In the spells, I often involve rituals, incantations, or the use of specific materials to influence the targeted person’s emotions.

Break up spell

Break up Spell

Are you trying to deal with a breakup? Is your ex being controlled by someone with an evil eye? My breakup spells could be the answer, the spell will not only break them up, but he or she will return to you as the rightful owner.

A breakup spell is a type of supernatural ritual I use to dissolve a romantic relationship between two people. It is meant to cause conflict, disagreement, or distance between the pair, resulting in their separation or split.


divorce spell

Divorce Spell

Are you having issues in your relationship? If you do, you’ll have more alternatives for fixing it or letting it go.

A divorce spell is a spiritual method that I employ to terminate a marital or legal partnership between two individuals who no longer deserve to be together. It is meant to facilitate the dissolution of marital connections, promote separation, and finish the formal divorce process, or to prevent such divorce from occurring. It is entirely up to you to choose one.

fertility spell

Fertility Spell

Order a personalized fertility spell tailored to your individual infertility issue. Do not sit in a situation that isolates you.

A fertility spell is a ritual that aims to boost fertility and increase the chances of conception. In my spells, I frequently include rituals, chants, herbs, crystals, or other fertility-related materials to strengthen the spell and other actions targeted at channeling positive energies toward the wish for reproduction. Do not accept to leave earth without kids. You need to fulfill your purpose of being here in the universe.

Get the true power of a love spell that won’t diminish over time.

About Me

My name is Mama Asa, and I am a spell caster who uses my spells to convert your unhappy love life into one of the most admired. My journey to becoming one of the few powerful love spellcasters did not begin suddenly, it began many years ago when I was 16. Any special spell you choose to be done on your behalf can be performed.

Even if you are under a love spell, curse, black magic, or any generational curse, I can easily help you remove all from you and find peace again.


“Working with Mama Asa was a life-changing experience! After my breakup, I was devastated and desperate to get my ex back. I stumbled upon Mama Asa’s services online and decided to give it a try. From the very first session, I felt a sense of comfort and understanding. Mama Asa’s guidance was invaluable, and her unique approach to relationship healing truly worked wonders. Thanks to her, I not only got my ex back but also gained a deeper understanding of myself and my partner. I couldn’t be more grateful for Mama Asa’s spells, expertise, and support!”

Sarah Thompson- Los Angeles, California

Why choose my Mama Asa?

Well experienced

I pride myself as a highly experienced spell caster, a rare find on the internet and beyond. With a wealth of expertise, I bring unmatched skills to help you achieve your desires. Trust in my abilities for extraordinary results.

Spellwork In Blood

My spellwork is rooted in my family’s bloodline, setting me apart from those who merely mimic or learn online. I carry the authentic knowledge passed down through generations, ensuring powerful and genuine results.

Carefully crafted potion

Each of my spells is meticulously crafted to address your specific issue, ensuring immediate and desired results. Tailored to your needs, my approach guarantees the outcomes you seek.

40-Day money back guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with our 40-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t achieve the desired results, we’ll refund your investment. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

No negative Effect

All my spells are 100% pure, ensuring no side effects after being performed. Your experience will be free from unwanted consequences, providing a safe and effective solution for your needs.

Free Consultation

There’s no charge for consultation with me. Simply share your specific issue, and I’ll analyze it, providing insight on whether it can be fixed or not. Your initial consultation is on the house.

Read what happy people say

"I was skeptical about seeking help to get my ex back, but Mama Asa's services proved me wrong. Her insightful advice and her tailored custom love spells made a significant difference in my approach to the relationship. The transformation was gradual but powerful. Today, I am happily back with my ex, and our connection is stronger than ever. Mama Asa's wisdom and genuine care are unparalleled. If you're serious about rekindling your lost love, Mama Asa is the real deal!"
Mike J
New York
I can't thank Mama Asa enough for what she's done for me. After my breakup, I felt lost and didn't know where to turn. Mama Asa's compassionate and non-judgmental approach provided the support I needed. Through her work, I not only got my ex back, but our relationship is now healthier and more fulfilling. Mama Asa's services are a game-changer, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone going through a tough time in their relationship because her spells are effective."
E Rodriguez
Miami, Florida
"Mama Asa's services are nothing short of miraculous! My relationship was on the rocks, and I was on the verge of giving up.
That's when I found Mama Asa. Her customized magic spells, deep understanding, and effective techniques helped me turn things around. My ex and I are now back together, and our connection is better than ever. Mama Asa not only helped me fix my relationship but also provided me with a love binding spell to ensure a long-term reunion. If you're facing relationship challenges, Mama Asa is the answer you've been looking for."
J Nguyen
"I was hesitant to try any kind of relationship spells, but Mama Asa's approach and work stood out to me. She combines wisdom, empathy, and practical strategies that genuinely work. After following her advice not to do what she told me during spell work, I saw positive changes in my relationship dynamics. My ex and I are now back together, and I'm grateful for the transformation Mama Asa facilitated. If you're serious about healing your relationship, Mama Asa is the guiding light you need."
Olivia M

Frequent Asked Questions

Can a love spell work on my ex who has a girlfriend already?

Yes, the spell will work and this is called a break up spell. The spell is used in a two-way angle either to help you break up from a bad relationship or also to break up someone else’s relationship including your ex’s.

The only difference is that the way it’s cast is different. I usually call this a chaos spell since it seeds chaos in a relationship.

Have you ever asked yourself why your relationship or your friend’s relationship is always full of drama? If you do not know that, you better investigate and might find out the chaos spell is involved.

What should I not do when the spell is being cast?

(1) If the spell is about bringing back your ex-lover, you will avoid texting him and shouting at him/ her or arguing with one another over the phone. Try to stay calm as much as possible and wait for the spell to be done.

(2) You will not have to drink any single glass of alcohol and milk for only 1hr of casting your spell if you take a few alcohols whether it is wine or any type. Avoid it at all costs. You will not die if you skip them for 1 hour during my ritual ceremony. Please note that I let you know 30 minutes before I start casting your spell so you can be aware not to drink. 

How do I know if the spell has been cast?

(1) When the magic spell is cast, you will notice minor dizziness, stomach pains, or strange feelings inside your body, and a headache is the most common outcome of a successful spell.

If they occur, don’t panic, they will be minor, simply sit back, wait till the next day, and contact us.

(2) Except for the most intricate spells, we can plan and cast the majority of them via LIVE VIDEO upon your request.

The most sophisticated spells, however, will not be able to be live streamed since the rules of our services may apply due to the severity of the problem at hand.

What happens if the spell fails to work?

This is a good question, and it is critical to ask us this type of question.

Unlike some spell casters who promise you a 100% success rate, we at are aware of various obstacles whereby you cast a spell for someone and it sometimes fails, this may happen not because our spells are weak, but because the TARGET IS STILL WALKING.

Our spells are powerful enough to achieve the intended outcomes, and we work collaboratively with anyone to reduce the likelihood of failure.

If our spells fail to affect your cause, we are always willing to rework it or refund with no further effort from you.

How Long Does The Spell Take To Work?

Assuming you ordered a love spell to be performed by MAMA on your behalf, the spell will either work within 48 hours after a night’s sleep to several days.

But if your lover is a sarcastic person, the spell will need to be more powerful enough to get the results in 48 hours otherwise, it could take 4 days.

Does Love Spells Really Work?

Yes, love charms work brilliantly provided you find an expert spell caster. Never underestimate the power of the universe.

What happens to your brain when you have a dream about a snake in your house at night? What causes your brain to cry for a woman or a man? This is due to the universe’s magnetic field.

Can you break up a love spell that was put on me?

Yes, I can break it but you will need to first explain to me how the spell was put on you, by whom, and from which continent you suspect the spell from, whether Asia, Africa, Latin America, or Caribbean islands like Haiti because these are the most difficult spells to break from these continents.

Who are these spells for? Is only cast within your country alone?

These spells are for anyone who is having a problem, and they can be used locally or globally. We do not cast spells for specific countries. We can cast any magic for anyone, regardless of their origin or country of residence.

How Long Does It Take To Perform a Love Spell?

It depends on the complexity of the issue that I’m dealing with. Some might take from 1hr to several hours.

Can a love spell backfire?

Yes, a love spell might backfire if the caster is inexperienced. She/he/you may wind up dosing yourself and experiencing a surge in love instead of the intended outcome.

I have come across a few instances when people are unable to cope because they are dosing themselves with plenty of love rather than what was intended. So choose your caster carefully.

Do You Perform Free Love Spells?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer free love spells. However, we have included some instructions on how to conduct these spells for yourself in the comfort of your home.

Are you only casting love spells?

No, we cast also other types of spells from white magic to black magic, protection spells, money spells, and many more. Please note; that I only work with a limited number of people

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