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Home Protection Spells

11 Home Protection Spells: Protect your home from negativity

Do you suspect that you saw an evil eye that is trying to ruin your home? Look no further than protection spells.

As we continue on the process of constructing a secure and peaceful home, consider incorporating some magic to boost the wonderful energy that surrounds us.

These beginner-friendly home protection spells are designed to provide a sense of security without getting bogged down in the complexity of spell history or ethical arguments. Within the world of magic of home protection spells, my emphasis is on practicality and fostering happy vibrations.

Take these charms to be easy-to-use instruments for improving the general atmosphere of your living area. The magic weaved into these practices is intended to be approachable as well as powerful, providing a way to establish a protective barrier without becoming mired down in the complexities of magical traditions. Let’s look at home security from a realistic and optimistic standpoint.

home protection spells
home protection spells

What are Home Protection Spells?

Home protection spells are rituals that aim to create a positive and secure atmosphere within your living space. Rooted in various spiritual and ritual traditions, these spells are designed to ward off negativity, promote a sense of safety, and bring positive energies into the home.

They often involve the use of symbolic items, such as candles, herbs, crystals, and mirrors, combined with focused intentions to create a protective barrier. Believe me, We have a lot of bad actors out there especially when they look at your beautiful house.

The basic idea of home protection spells is the concept that both positive and bad energies can impact our living places. These spells are used to access the metaphysical realm, harnessing the practitioner’s wishes to establish a barrier against harmful forces.

While the specific procedures may differ, the intention to create a sanctuary that emits positive energy and repels any possible damage, promoting a sense of happiness within the home, is a common thread among these spells.

Here are the 11 Home Protection Spells to protect your home

1. Candle Shield Spell

Materials Needed:

  • White candle
  • Small dish
  • Salt


1 >> Place the white candle securely in the middle of the dish, creating a focal point for the upcoming home protection spell. The positioning of the candle at the center is crucial, as it symbolizes the heart of the ritual, channeling positive energy and acting as a beacon for the protective forces you’re about to invoke. This intentional placement sets the stage for a spell that aims to envelop your living space in a shield of positivity and safety.

2 >> Then create a safeguarding barrier by sprinkling a circle of salt around the white candle. This simple yet powerful act serves as a symbolic boundary, warding off negative energy and establishing a protective shield for your home.

The salt, known for its purifying properties, acts as a natural barrier, reinforcing the intention of the home protection spell. As you form this protective circle, visualize it as an energetic force field, ensuring that only positive vibes can enter while any negativity is repelled, contributing to the overall safety and well-being of your living space.

3 >> Light the candle, and as the flame dances, focus your attention on it. Picture a radiant shield materializing and gently enveloping your home. The flame becomes the catalyst for this ritual protection, its heat and glow extending outward to create an invisible barrier against any unwanted energies.

As you concentrate on the flickering flame, visualize this shield as a powerful force, standing guard and ensuring that only positive influences find their way into your living space. This imaginative process infuses the spell with intention and energy, reinforcing the protective qualities you seek for your home.

4 >> Speak these words from me Mama Asa: “By the light, protection I invite, keep my home safe day and night.” Let these words resonate with intention as you recite them, infusing the incantation with your desire for a secure and sheltered living space.

This vocal affirmation serves as a declaration to the universe, calling upon the positive forces represented by the light of the candle to stand guard over your home around the clock. The simplicity of the recitation adds a personal touch to the spell, making your intentions clear and amplifying the energy directed towards safeguarding your home.

Please, allow the candle to burn until it naturally extinguishes. Get it? Don’t make any mistake here.

Now let’s move to number 2

2. Herb Warding Sachet Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Small pouch
  • Protective herbs (rosemary, basil, sage)
  • Small crystal (clear quartz or black tourmaline)


(1) Prepare the pouch by filling it with a carefully curated blend of protective herbs, aligning with the core essence of the home protection spell. Choose herbs like rosemary, basil, and sage, each renowned for their potent properties in creating a shield of defense.

This herb-infused pouch becomes a tangible representation of the home protection spell, increasing the natural energies of the selected herbs to craft a powerful talisman.

This intentional combination of protective herbs serves to amplify the spell’s effectiveness, infusing the pouch with a dynamic blend of energies aimed at repelling negativity and fortifying the protective barrier surrounding your home.

2) Elevate the power of the pouch by infusing it with the protective energy of a small crystal, a crucial step in enhancing the effectiveness of the home protection spell.

Choose a crystal such as clear quartz or black tourmaline, recognized for their abilities to amplify positive energy and provide a strong shield against negativity. Hold the crystal in your hands, focus on its inherent protective qualities, and visualize those energies transferring into the herbs within the pouch.

This infusion of crystal energy adds an extra layer of strength to the spell, ensuring that the pouch becomes a charged and formidable amulet for safeguarding your home.

3) Securely tie the pouch, and as you hold it in your hands, immerse yourself in the moment, concentrating on the protective qualities it embodies. Feel the connection between the pouch, the selected protective herbs, and the infused crystal energy.

This act of securing the pouch symbolizes the culmination of the home protection spell, locking in the intended energy and creating a tangible charm of defense. As you hold the tied pouch, let your focus be a channel for the protective forces you’ve invoked, reinforcing the spell’s potency and your connection to the amulet that will stand as a guardian for your home.

4) Find a prominent spot near the entrance of your home and gently place the sachet, completing the ritual of the home protection spell. As you position the sachet, recite a simple chant to amplify the spell’s energy, such as:

“Herbs and crystal, woven tight, Guard my home both day and night. By this charm, protection near, Keep all negativity clear.”

Repeat the chant as you place the sachet, allowing the vibrations of your words to mingle with the protective energies imbued in the pouch. This placement near the entrance acts as a symbolic gateway, ensuring that anyone entering your home encounters the spell’s shield, reinforcing the protective barrier and contributing to the overall harmony of your living space.

3. Mirror Reflective Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Small mirror
  • Red ribbon


1 >> As you hold the mirror in your hands, immerse yourself in the moment and visualize it becoming a powerful absorber of negativity. Imagine the mirror as a reflective surface that effortlessly draws in and neutralizes any negative energy in its vicinity.

With each breath, envision the mirror transforming that negativity into positive light, leaving behind only a sense of clarity and purity. This simple yet potent act of visualization infuses the mirror with the intention to repel negativity and maintain a harmonious atmosphere within your living space.

2 >> Wrap the mirror securely with a red ribbon, creating a symbolic seal that locks in the protective energy you’ve infused into it. As you bind the mirror, envision the red ribbon as a barrier, preventing any absorbed negativity from escaping.

This act not only adds a physical touch to the spell but also reinforces the mirror’s role as a guardian against negative forces. With each wrap of the ribbon, visualize the mirror becoming a reservoir of positive energy, sealed and ready to continue its protective duty in your home..

3 >> Position the mirror, bound with a red ribbon, facing outward near a window or door—a strategic arrangement to fortify the protective impact of the home protection spell.

The mirror acts as a vigilant guardian, reflecting and deflecting any negativity that seeks entry into your living space. This intentional placement near a window or door transforms the mirror into a proactive shield, ensuring it acts as a sentinel, warding off negative energy before it can breach the borders of your home.

This tactical positioning not only maximizes the effectiveness of the mirror spell but also establishes a robust line of defense against any potential harm that may approach.

4 >> As you stand before the mirror, bound with a protective red ribbon and strategically positioned near a window or door, channel your focus and envision the mirror becoming a powerful reflector.

Picture it as a barrier that captures and redirects negativity, ensuring that any harmful energy is instantly reflected away from your home. Visualize the mirror as a dynamic force, actively repelling and dispersing negativity, leaving only a sense of positivity and protection within the confines of your living space.

This intentional visualization reinforces the mirror’s role as a safeguard, enhancing its ability to maintain a harmonious and secure environment.

4. Salt Barrier Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Salt
  • Small bowl


1 >> Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle a protective line along the thresholds of your home. This simple yet powerful act serves as a symbolic barrier, creating an invisible shield against negative energies.

As you sprinkle the salt, visualize it forming a protective boundary that prevents any harm from entering your living space. This uncomplicated practice, deeply rooted in tradition and it is to purify and fortify the energy within your home, promoting a sense of safety and well-being.

2>> Affirm with conviction: “Salt of Earth, protect this place, no harm shall enter this space.” As you speak these words, infuse them with your intention and belief.

This affirmation serves as a vocalized declaration, calling upon the grounding and protective qualities of salt to establish a safeguard for your home. Envision the salt responding to your words, creating a resilient shield that wards off negativity and ensures a secure and harmonious environment within the boundaries of your living space.

Leave the salt until you feel the need to refresh the barrier.

5. Doorway Guardian Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Small figurine or charm representing protection (angel, gargoyle, etc.)
  • String or thread


1>> Secure the figurine or charm to the string with care. As you do so, infuse it with your protective intentions, visualizing a shield of positive energy enveloping the object.

Hang it strategically above or near your doorway, allowing it to serve as a protector, ready to resist any harmful effects. This simple but deliberate act is intended to fortify your home’s entryway, ensuring that only positive energies are received and providing a subtle but effective barrier against anything negative.

2>> Speak confidently: “Guardian strong, protect from harm, and keep my home safe and warm.” Allow the words to flow freely, reverberating in the area surrounding you. Consider the figurine or charm absorbing the force of your words and evolving into a staunch protector.

This verbal affirmation personalizes the home protection spell, confirming your dedication to creating a safe and comfortable environment in your house. Imagine the charm standing guard, ready to block negativity and engulfing your home in a shield of warmth and safety as you say these words.

6. Moonlit Cleansing Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Small bowl
  • Water
  • Moonstone (optional)


  1. Fill the bowl with water, symbolizing purity and cleansing.
  2. Place the bowl outside during a full moon, allowing the moonlight to charge the water.
  3. If available, add a moonstone to enhance the spell’s lunar energy.
  4. Dip your fingers into the charged water and sprinkle it around your home.
  5. Say: “By the moon’s grace, negativity erase, with this water, protection embrace.”
  6. Repeat as needed, especially during full moons.

Utilize the moon’s natural power to purify your living environment and attract wonderful energy into your home.

7. Blessed Broom Sweep Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Broom
  • Salt
  • Protective oil (rosemary or lavender)


  1. Mix a small amount of salt with a few drops of protective oil.
  2. Rub the mixture onto the bristles of your broom.
  3. Sweep your home, focusing on corners and entryways.
  4. Visualize the broom whisking away negative energy.
  5. Chant: “With each sweep, protection I keep, only positivity in my space shall seep.”
  6. Dispose of the salt mixture away from your home.

This spell combines the practical act of sweeping with magical intention, creating a harmonious and protected living environment.

8. Family Unity Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Family photo
  • Red candle
  • Small dish


  1. Place the family photo on the small dish.
  2. Light the red candle and focus on its flame.
  3. Envision a warm, protective light surrounding your family in the photo.
  4. Chant: “In unity we stand, a protective band, love and safety hand in hand.”
  5. Allow the candle to burn as you feel the bond of your family strengthening.

This spell not only adds a layer of protection to your home but also fosters a sense of unity and love within your family.

9. Sunshine Blessing Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Yellow or gold fabric
  • Small pot of soil
  • Sunflower seeds


  1. Place the pot of soil in the center of the fabric.
  2. Sprinkle sunflower seeds on the soil, symbolizing growth and positivity.
  3. Wrap the fabric around the pot and tie it with a knot.
  4. Put the pot in a sunny spot in your home, letting it receive sunlight.
  5. Visualize the sunflower seeds growing into vibrant flowers, filling your home with positivity.
  6. Say: “Sunshine bright, fill my home with light, protection and joy, day and night.”

This spell uses the sun’s energies to bring warmth and positivity into your home.

10. Gratitude Abundance Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Jar or container
  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pen


  1. Place the jar in a central location in your home.
  2. Cut small pieces of paper and keep them near the jar.
  3. Each day, write something you’re grateful for on a piece of paper.
  4. Fold the paper and place it in the jar.
  5. As the jar fills, visualize it radiating gratitude and abundance, creating a positive atmosphere.
  6. When needed, open the jar and read the notes to remind yourself of the positivity in your life.

This spell promotes a grateful attitude, creating a good and safe environment by focusing on the plenty in your life.

11. Crystal Grid Protection Spell

Materials Needed:

  • Assorted protective crystals (black tourmaline, amethyst, hematite)
  • Small cloth or board
  • Intention and focus


  1. Lay out the cloth or board in a quiet space.
  2. Place the selected crystals in a grid pattern, creating a geometric shape.
  3. As you arrange the crystals, focus on their protective energies merging into a powerful shield.
  4. Sit quietly and visualize this crystal grid emanating a protective force throughout your home.
  5. Periodically cleanse and recharge the crystals to maintain their protective properties.

Use crystal energies to form a powerful and unique shield of protection around your living place.


By integrating these additional spells into your ritual practices, you can elevate the positive energy and fortify the protection surrounding your home. It’s crucial to understand that the true power of these spells lies in your genuine intention and unwavering belief. Embrace this enchanting journey, allowing yourself the freedom to experiment with these spells and trusting your intuition to lead the way.

Exploring home protection spells is similar to discovering instruments that can improve the harmony and security of your living place. Each spell is a unique expression of energy, and it is your particular touch and connection to the magical process that bring these captivating rituals to life. Approach this trip with an open heart, realizing that the driving elements behind the power of these spells are your purpose and belief.

So, with curiosity and sincerity, enter the world of magic. Allow the spells to play out like chapters in a compelling tale, constructing a tapestry of positive and protective energies within your home’s walls. May this enchanting voyage provide you the calm and security you need, transforming your home into a haven of warmth and enchantment.

May your home be a haven of love, positivity, and an enticing blend of protecting energy. May you find the ideal combination that connects with you as you study these spells, creating a harmonious and secure refuge for you and your loved ones. Best wishes from Mama Asa!