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money spell jar

Money spell jar: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating one

Money spell jar: Do you want to attract abundance into your life? Are you tired of being financially unstable? Keep reading.

In an uncertain world, many of us desire a little extra cash boost to help us negotiate life’s twists and turns. Making a “Money Spell Jar” is a great approach to welcome fortune into your life.

This straightforward and engaging practice for beginners can be a creative and enjoyable way to focus your goals on attracting wealth.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through each step in detail, ensuring you have all the tools you need to start on this ritual journey on your own.

What is a money spell jar?

A money spell jar is a do-it-yourself charm for attracting financial riches and happiness into your life. It’s a little like generating your own small pocket of positive energy dedicated to the idea of money and success. People have been doing this for a long time; it’s a combination of intention-setting, symbolism, and positive vibrations.

Assume you have a jar, perhaps a mason jar, or any container with a cover. The jar becomes your magical vessel, your canvas for attracting some additional cash.

Now you gather some things, such as a green candle (green being the color of money), herbs known for their prosperity vibes (think basil and cinnamon), a few crystals to attract wealth (like citrine or pyrite), and possibly some coins or symbolic bills. Oh, and don’t forget a piece of paper and a pen to write down your financial goals or aspirations.

Now, the fun part begins. You light that green candle, creating a kind of magical atmosphere. You write down your financial wish on the paper, trying to be as specific and positive as possible. Next, you charge up your ingredients. Hold each one, feel its energy, and imagine yourself swimming in a pool of money – figuratively, of course.

money spell jar
money spell jar

How big does a money jar need to be for spell?

The size of a money jar for a spell is more about personal preference than strict rules. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer because it depends on what feels right for you and the space you have available in your house or office. However, I can offer some guidance to help you decide on an appropriate size for your money spell jar.

1. Personal Connection

Consider how connected you want to feel with your money jar. If you prefer something smaller that you can easily hold in your hands, a smaller jar or container might be suitable for you. On the other hand, if you want a more substantial and visually impactful piece, a larger jar could be chosen.

2. Intention and Purpose

Think about the specific intention behind your money spell. If your goal is modest or short-term, a smaller jar may be sufficient. For larger or long-term financial goals, you might go for a larger jar to accommodate a variety of symbolic items, like more coins, bills, or additional crystals as you wish.

Available Space

Think of where you plan to keep the money jar. If you have limited space on your desk or in a specific room of your choice, a smaller jar might be more practical. A larger jar, while visually striking, could be overwhelming in a confined space in my opinion.

Symbolic Value

The items you place inside the jar, such as crystals, herbs, and coins, can carry symbolic significance. If you have specific items you want to include and they require more space, that might influence your decision on the jar’s size.

Aesthetic Preference

Lastly, think about what visually appeals to you. If you have a particular jar in mind that you find beautiful or meaningful, its size could be a deciding factor. The aesthetics of the jar can contribute to the overall experience of the spell.

In reality, there’s no strict rule on the size of a money jar for a spell. It’s all about what connects with you and aligns with your intentions. Whether it’s a small, portable jar or a larger, decorative container, the most important aspect is the positive energy and intention you infuse into the spell. Choose a size that feels right for you and enhances the overall ritual experience.

So let’s see how to do this money spell jar in detail

How to make a money spell jar

Gather the following ingredients before beginning to make your Money Spell Jar:

A Jar or Container: Choose a container with a tight-fitting lid, such as a mason jar or a decorative bottle. This container will serve as the vessel for holding and amplifying your intentions.

Green Candle: The color green is often associated with prosperity, growth, and abundance. Lighting a green candle during the ritual will help focus your energy on attracting financial success.

Herbs: Consider using herbs like basil, cinnamon, and bay leaves for their known associations with wealth and success. These herbs are believed to carry positive energies that can enhance the potency of your spell.

Crystals: Citrine and pyrite are popular choices for attracting financial prosperity. Citrine is associated with success and abundance, while pyrite is known as “fool’s gold,” symbolizing wealth and good fortune.

Coins or Currency: Real or symbolic, include a few coins or bills to symbolize wealth. The presence of money in your spell jar serves as a powerful visual representation of your financial goals.

Paper and Pen: To write your intention or financial goal. Taking the time to articulate your desires on paper makes the intention more tangible and reinforces your commitment to the spell.

Optional: Essential Oils: Such as cinnamon or patchouli for an extra aromatic touch. Essential oils can add another layer of sensory experience to your spell, boosting the overall ritualistic atmosphere.

Now that you’ve got your ingredients, let’s dive into the spell-making process.

Creating Your Money Spell Jar:

Step 1: Set the Mood

Begin by finding a quiet space where you can focus without distractions. Light the green candle, allowing its warm glow to create a serene ambiance. Take a few moments to center yourself, inhaling deeply and exhaling any tension or stress.

Step 2: Write Your Intention

On a piece of paper, write down your financial goal or intention. Be specific and positive, focusing on what you want to attract rather than what you want to avoid. If, for example, your goal is to increase your income, you might write, “I attract financial abundance and success in my career.”

Step 3: Charge Your Ingredients

Hold each ingredient in your hands and visualize the energy of prosperity infusing them. Imagine yourself surrounded by financial abundance and success. As you hold the green candle, feel its warmth as a symbol of the energy you are harnessing.

Step 4: Assemble the Jar

Layer the ingredients in your chosen jar, starting with the paper containing your intention. Add the herbs, crystals, and coins, taking a moment to focus on your goal with each addition. As you place each item, consider how it contributes to the overall energy and symbolism of the spell.

Step 5: Seal and Bless

Close your jar tightly, sealing in the energy and intentions. Hold the jar in your hands and say a simple blessing, expressing gratitude for the prosperity that is on its way. You might say something like, “May this Money Spell Jar bring me abundance.” “I am thankful for the financial success that is coming my way.”

Step 6: Place the Jar

Find a special place for your Money Spell Jar. Some choose to keep it on their work desk, while others prefer a place of prominence in their home, so in this case, it’s up to you. The important thing is to place it in a location where you will see it regularly, serving as a visual reminder of your financial goals.

Now let’s go to last step

Step 7: Maintain Your Intentions

Regularly revisit your Money Spell Jar, reaffirming your positive intentions. You can also charge it under the light of the green candle periodically, you can do it as you wish.

As you do so, visualize your goals coming to fruition and feel the positive energy emanating from the jar. This consistent reinforcement keeps your intentions at the forefront of your mind and strengthens the spell’s effectiveness over time.

Now that the money spell jar ritual is done but you might be asking yourself this question below

money spell jar
money spell jar

How long does a money spell jar take to work?

The success and timing of a money spell jar, like any other type of spellwork, can vary greatly from person to person. It’s critical to approach this exercise with patience, realizing that instant gratification may not be guaranteed.

Consider the following factors when determining how long it may take for a money spell jar to produce results:

Individual Energy and Intentions: The energy and intentions infused into crafting the money spell jar wield significant influence. Genuine belief in the spell, coupled with a focus on financial goals and positive intent, can amplify its effectiveness. The uniqueness of each individual’s energy may impact the time it takes for the spell to materialize.

Nature of the Goal: The nature and scale of your financial objective are pivotal in determining the spell’s duration. Smaller, short-term goals might materialize more swiftly than larger, long-term aspirations. Assess the intricacy of your financial aims and maintain a realistic outlook on the time needed for results.

Consistency in Revisiting and Reinforcing: Consistent attention to your money spell jar is vital. Regularly revisiting the jar, recharging it under the light of a green candle, and reaffirming your financial intentions actively fortify the spell. Dedication and consistency contribute significantly to the spell’s efficacy over time.

External Factors: External elements, such as shifts in financial habits, job opportunities, or unexpected windfalls, can impact the spell’s timeline. The universe operates mysteriously, and unforeseen opportunities may align with your financial objectives. Flexibility and openness to external factors enhance the adaptability of your spellwork.

Spiritual or Energetic Alignment: For some, belief in spiritual or cosmic energies playing a role in spellwork is intrinsic. The alignment of these energies with your intentions may influence the timing of the spell’s efficacy. Trusting the process and allowing these energies to work in their own time fosters a harmonious connection with the spiritual aspect of the spell.

To summarize it, while some people may witness swift results, others may experience a more gradual transformation. A patient, positive mindset, and sustained belief in the spell’s potential contribute significantly to its ultimate success.

Remember, the journey towards your financial goals is as meaningful as achieving them, and the money spell jar serves as a guide along this personal and magical expedition.


Creating a Money Spell Jar is a simple and enjoyable way to invite financial abundance into your life. Remember, the power lies in your intentions and the positive energy you infuse into the process. By following these detailed steps, you’re on your way to unlocking prosperity and embracing the magic of manifesting abundance. May your Money Spell Jar be a beacon of financial success on your journey!